Toothpaste Salin, 75 ml

from Weleda
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Enriched with sea salt, sodium bicarbonate and ratanhia, salt toothpaste Weleda protects against cavities and tartar formation by stimulating saliva production.

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Naturally protects against cavities and tartar formation

Sea salt is very useful in a toothpaste because it stimulates saliva production. But the teeth are bathed in a dense and continuous flow of saliva that cleans gently. The salt toothpaste therefore assists the physiological self-cleaning process. Additionally, it contains a highly soluble detergent: natural sodium bicarbonate, which hinders the formation of dental plaque and neutralizes acids attacking the enamel.

The salt toothpaste, slightly salty taste, do not foam. Finally, sea salt has one last major asset: it reacts gums and tones them by osmotic effect.

Full ratanhia root extract this action and prevents periodontitis. Each plant extract unfolds a specific effect: myrrh ensures the prevention of inflammation of the oral mucosa, brown bark extract India and esculin reinforce this action and prevent, according to the achievements of anthroposophic medicine, caries. As for the natural essential oil of mint, it harmoniously rounded taste of sea salt.

The salt toothpaste contains no fluoride or foaming surfactants or synthetic additives (flavors, dyes, fragrances). His anti-plaque effect and its effect on inflamed gums have been the subject of clinical trials.


  • stimulates saliva production and thus the physiological self-cleaning process
  • disrupts the formation of dental plaque
  • invigorates and stimulates the gums and protects against irritation
  • makes enamel resistant teeth (prophylaxis against caries)
  • refreshes the mouth and breath
  • is free from fluoride binders


Always spread the salt toothpaste on the dry toothbrush. Salivary stimulation is sufficient to supply the liquid for cleaning. Brush your teeth carefully and thoroughly. The salt toothpaste is perfect for travel.


  • If bleeding gums, periodically flush with the mouth water to Ratanhia and apply gingival Balm with sage evening after brushing teeth.
  • A dental fluoride treatment is only necessary in case of deficiency.


Sodium bicarbonate, water, glycerin, essential oils (including anise), silicic acid, apple juice, guar seed flour, sea salt, extract of myrrh resin extract ratanhia root, chestnut bark extract India, aesculine, extract Arum maculatum ashes (high dilution), alcohol, jojoba oil.


Salt Toothpaste
75 ml tube
Label "controlled natural cosmetics" of BDIH

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This website contains a significant amount of informations. It is not a medical website. The exempted reflections, cannot in no case to replace a consultation in a doctor or a therapeutist that it returns to you to contact for your follow-up.


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