Toothpaste Ratanhia, 75 ml

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A basic ratanhia, myrrh, essential oil of mint and calcium carbonate, ratanhia toothpaste removes plaque and forms a film on the gums to protect it.

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Strengthens the gums naturally

The ratanhia is a wild plant of the Peruvian Andes. Its root is rich in active substances, including tannins that care and protect the periodontium. Periodontal health directly affects the good nutrition, good location and the good performance of the teeth. The tannins of the root ratanhia form on the gums a very thin film that protects and tones the microbes - which helps prevent the formation of dental plaque.

The toothpaste contains ratanhia ratanhia root extracts, and extracts of myrrh - that have a soothing effect on the oral mucosa - and essential oils of mint and spearmint that sustainably ensure fresh breath.

In addition, the toothpaste contains as detergent ratanhia a mineral derived based on calcium carbonate (whiting) that cleans the teeth thoroughly, but gently. Regular use removes plaque (tartar) and reliably prevents cavities. It contains no fluoride or foaming surfactants or synthetic additives (flavors, dyes, fragrances). His anti-plaque effect and its effect on inflamed gums have been the subject of clinical trials.


  • cleans teeth thoroughly and smoothly thanks to calcium carbonate
  • strengthens the oral mucosa and prevents inflammation of the gums
  • is free of fluorine binders


Spread ratanhia toothpaste on the brush wet teeth and brush your teeth systematically and thoroughly.


  • If bleeding gums, periodically flush with the mouth water to Ratanhia and apply gingival Balm with sage evening after brushing teeth.
  • A dental fluoride treatment is only necessary in case of deficiency.


Water, calcium carbonate, glycerin, clay, alcohol, essential oils (including fennel and peppermint), extracted rhatany root extract, myrrh resin, xanthan, ammonium glycyrrhizinate (liquorice extract).


Toothpaste ratanhia
75 ml tube
Label "controlled natural cosmetics" of BDIH

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