Elixir Concentration / Memory / Vitality BIO, 375 ml

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Elixir Concentration strengthens your fitness and intellectual through a combination of roots and invigorating fruit.

On stock

Elixir Concentration strengthens your fitness and intellectual through a combination of roots and invigorating fruit.

Elixir Concentration: the ally of your intellectual and  physical form
Concentration Elixir is a cocktail of roots and fruits combined with toning action Bach flowers.This powerhouse enhances the physical, mental and intellectual.It promotes wellness and personal development, to be in top form all year.


  • Ginkgo biloba strengthens your memory and alertness.
  • Ginseng, Ginger and Gentian are particularly renowned for their excellent tonic.
  • Blueberry, rich in vitamins A, C and minerals, acts beneficially on the microcirculation and visual acuity.
  • The Rosehip and Orange, rich in vitamins C, are great tonics.


Elixir Concentration is recommended for:
  • periods of fatigue and exhaustion
  • academic or intellectual effort
  • lack of concentration
  • tonic and stimulating for all ages
  • convalescence


Take 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day or more according to need.You can also be diluted in a liter of water your daily dose of elixir and drink throughout the day.To balance your body in depth, it is advisable to take the elixir for 28 days (one complete lunar cycle) several times a year.Elixir This may have a cloudy appearance, which does not affect its quality.


  • Two bottles = approximately 28 days.
  • This Elixir is also in the form of non-alcoholic brew .
  • Find here the full range of Great Elixirs Biofloral .


Eglantier *, bilberry *, coriander *, Orange *, * gentian, ginger *, ginseng, ginkgo biloba * * flower essences prepared according to the original method of Dr. Bach essences spagyric *, organic wine, honey from organic farming .
* Plant extracts from organic farming.
Alcohol: 10% vol.

Special precautions

Shake well before use.
After opening, keep cool.


375ml bottle.

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