Larch 19 Bach Flower ALCOHOL FREE, 20 g

from Miriana Flowers
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Against the physical and moral exhaustion. The Bach flower essence will restore your strength and vitality.

On stock

Against the physical and moral exhaustion. The Bach flower essence will restore your strength and vitality.

Find strength and vitality


The use of Globuli, small beads consisting of sucrose allow the manufacture of Bach flowers without alcohol or lactose. The preparation of Globuli, ie small pellets of sucrose, glucose and fructose association with dyes was developed by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a founder of homeopathy.
Moreover, the main characteristic of Bach Flower brand Miriana Flowers is a handicraft production, by hand, without any emotional influence, physical and / or chemical, ensuring the production of high quality Bach Flowers. They are also consistent with the rules and guidelines of Dr. Bach.Larch addresses the lack of confidence in his ability, to those who do not even want to try it because they are sure to fail. Often suffering from an inferiority complex, without any jealousy they admire those who succeed. In fact, they know in their hearts that they have the potential capacities but refuse to enforce them, thus avoiding any risk of failure. They can, therefore, be discouraged and become depressed. The Bach Flower also very suitable for those who lack confidence in themselves before appearing for an exam, an interview, driving licenses, etc.The positive potential of Larch manifested in individuals determined, capable, with a realistic view of their capacities, who do not think in terms of failure or success. Aware of their own potential, they try to exploit it. They are able to take initiative and risks.
  • Miriana Bach Flowers Globuli are in 100% alcohol free
  • Ideal for children
  • Handmade Original (handmade and traditionally)


Take 1-2 Globuli of each species (maximum 6 or 7 by mixing species), three times per day.
They can also be dissolved in a glass of water.


Larix decidua
Alcohol-free, lactose


Bottle of 20g Globuli
Bach Flower No. 23
Miriana Flowers
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