Elm (No. 11), granules without alcohol BIO, 10 ml

from Biofloral
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Persevere, take responsibility.

On stock

Persevere, take responsibility.


Key Emotions: feeling overwhelmed or crushed by the enormity of the task.
For temporary feeling of mediocrity. Tempers Orme are effective, proud of themselves and of their vocation. They are often involved in important and useful activities for humanity. They endorse big responsibilities that can sometimes be intimidating and submergeantes. The elm is the little moments of despair and loss of confidence, when the task seems too huge.
The elm helps to find the strength to balance idealism and responsibility with concrete reality. We will not try to carry the world on his shoulders, in his tasks with increased confidence.Source: Small Wellness Guide. Floral essences.
Bach Flowers are a registered trademark.
Our flower essences are made according to the method of Dr. Bach.


100% organic ingredients: sucrose impregnated solar infusion of flowers to 1 / 240th.
The use of granules allows to offer a range of Bach Flower without alcohol (child-friendly).The granules are impregnated with mothers of Bach flower essences, according to a know-how developed by Biofloral allowing the alcohol to evaporate completely after impregnation. It remains in purpose that energy vibration flowers.


Choose one or several flower essences according to your emotional state:
  • 3-4 granules in a glass of water or directly under the language, this 4 times per day, before meals and at night before bed.
  • Duration: punctually, on several weeks or several months for a thorough treatment. In case of crisis, increase the doses until every quarter of an hour.


Elixir floral # 11
Bottle of 10 gr
Organic Farming Label
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