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This roll'on is ideal to benefit from the psycho-emotional benefits of the essential oil of Angélique (fears, hesitations, lack of perseverance, ...).

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Angélique, anti-asthenic essential oil

Angélique's essential oil has a balsamic, slightly peppery, musky aroma that expresses its root character, with original nuances of earth and water.


Already used in the Middle Ages to correct the melancholic temperament, the essential oil of Angélique helps fight asthenic and nervous weakness. It is used when there is fear in the body, when there is a lack of perseverance or when it is difficult to make choices.
The essential oil of Angélique is an ally of choice to fight against addictions of any kind (ex: alcoholism).


  • Botanical family of apiaceae or umbelliferae.
  • Essential oil obtained by distillation of the roots


The roll'on allows easy skin application.

Apply Angélique's oleoparfum to the inner sides of the wrists, rub the wrists together, lift them up to the nostrils and breathe deeply and several times the aroma thus expressed.

Subsequently, you can apply it on other points of entry: hollow elbows, solar plexus, neck and neck, soles of the feet.


Dilution of Angelica BIO (Angelica archangelica) at 5% in virgin jojoba oil of first cold pressing BIO.

Special precautions

Do not apply Angelica to any part of skin that will be immediately exposed to daylight, or wait at least half an hour before exposure.


Roll'on glass 10 ml

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