Actilège Express - Shelf life 10/19 BIO, 10 flasks

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Actilège Express is the ideal formula for relieving heaviness and drowsiness after a hearty meal.

Find quickly your digestive comfort with Actilège Express

Stress, meals too rich or too rich, pollution ... All these factors solicit our liver.
For a light digestion, think of Actilège Express. Presented in the form of single doses that are easy to carry everywhere (restaurant, work), Actilège Express contributes to the proper functioning of the liver and digestive comfort thanks to a combination of organic plant extracts (artichoke, rosemary, savory, dandelion, mint essential oil). ) obtained through an innovative and patented extraction method.


  • The artichoke contributes to the digestive comfort and to the good functioning of the liver.
  • Dandelion contributes to the elimination functions of the body.


1 dose to drink or dilute in a glass of water, for example after a large meal.


Aqueous blue extract extracts: artichoke * leaf (Cynara scolymus), dandelion * root (Taraxacum officinale), rosemary * leaf (Rosmarinus officinalis), savory * leaf and stem (Satureja sp), peppermint * leaf (Mentha piperita), vegetable glycerin , agave syrup *, peppermint essential oil *.
 * ingredients from organic farming.

Contributions for a dose of 10 ml :
- Aqueous extract blue: 6.5 ml
  • artichoke: 2470 mg *
  • dandelion: 106 mg *
  • rosemary: 61 mg *
  • savory: 61 mg *
  • mint: 48 mg *
- Essential oil of mint: 1 mg
 * Equivalent Dry Plants.


10 monodoses of 10 ml.

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